All About SsangYong Cars

SsangYong is a Korean company founded in 1954 for manufacture of automobiles. It has been making commercial vehicles like buses, trucks and even specialized vehicles for use in firefighting and other purposes like mobile concrete mixers.

It is now firmly entrenched in the market as a premier manufacturer of SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and other recreational vehicles. It has decided that it is going to dominate the market for 4 wheel drive vehicles and is making an all out effort to do this.

SsangYong group of companies acquired Keohwa Motors in 1986. This acquired company had specialized in the manufacture of jeeps under the brand name of Korando. SsangYong then committed lot of funds as investment for manufacturing automobiles. The development of a four wheel drive compact SUV in the Korando family was the first vehicle that it launched in 1988, thus establishing the SUV culture into Korea. It has continued to be a leader in this field, and the vehicles are known for their innovation and quality.

The 1990's saw it get into a strategic alliance with the world famous Mercedes-Benz of Germany and this led to cooperation in management, distribution and the latest technologies between the two companies. Gradually this led to the introduction of commercial vehicles in 1991, diesel engines in 1993, passenger cars in the luxury segment in 1993, and also the manufacture of engines for gasoline fuel, in the same year. SsangYong has always had the expertise in technology to develop vehicles using the latest innovations, and also make their presence felt in markets the world over.

Musso a uniquely styled SUV with performance that surpassed others in the market was launched by SsangYong in 1993. It's a performance SUV, but when you get a car insurance quote, you'll get one comparable to a family saloon. That's SsangYong value! Changwon was the site for its own engine manufacturing unit, which was set up in 1994. A joint effort with Mercedes-Benz led to the development after 3 years of Istana MB100, a light commercial vehicle. The new Korando, a car with the latest in technology and as stylish as anything else in the market was launched the following year.

The year 1997 saw the launch of a luxury passenger car called the Chairman and SsangYong made it clear that it was in the market for passenger cars, SUVs and RVs - all ran by very sturdy Mercedes motors.

The severe economic crisis that affected the whole of Asia saw the company merge with Daewoo in 1998. It was re-established as an independent manufacturer again in the year 2000. Since then the company has vamped up its management practices, design capabilities including research and development and completely overhauled its sales and service networks.

This has seen the launch of the Rexton, an SUV, in 2001, followed by the New Chairman and the New Rexton that had a 2.7 liter diesel engine. A new and innovative Multi Purpose Vehicle called the Rodius/Stavic was introduced in 2004 which you can get at Car rental agency at

SsangYong Motor is now into establishing alliances with overseas business partners to make its presence felt all over the world. It continues to make capital investments to upgrade its existing line of vehicles and also developing newer models although the second hand cars of SsangYong are often quite the quality car you need. It has a bright future and can assure all its customers that it would always have in mind their need or vehicles for their daily life, work and leisure moments.